Never Judge a Book by Its Cover!!!

This past weekend has really taught me a lot and I got to know my friends a whole lot more.
I spent my weekend with a very good friend of mine and I got to see a side of her that I’ve never seen before. Everytime I was with her, it was always just fun and jokes and nothing serious.
This time things were different, we opened up to each other and it was really moving.

The way she opened up to me and everything we talked about made me view her in a different and more respectful way.
You can never know the story behind a person unless, you ask or they tell you!
Yesterday, I went out to lunch with some of my friends yesterday and the same thing happened.
They shared their life stories with me and wow, I realised how ungrateful I can be sometimes.
We always assume people have it easy and it’s not always like that. I will never ever assume anything or judge anyone just by looking at them.

The story behind is always more interesting! Unless you know that story, DON’T JUDGE BY THE COVER…

Humble yourself, be grateful and work hard!

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