Chris Brown Concert: Feedback

Chris Brown started his. 3-day SA Tour last night,15 December 2012, in Johannesburg at the Coca-Cola Dome.
I was there for the show and I have some things to share on the concert. I don’t have pictures to back it up because the pictures I took are a bit blurry.

Firstly, Breezy that show was quite OK and veeeeeery short. I had fun yes but there was no connection. I was left wanting more because I wasn’t taken to that satisfaction point.

Yes, he is a great performer and dancer I have to give him that, but Breezy looked a bit tired hey!

I knew most of the songs he performed so I guess that is why I enjoyed the concert besides all the glitches. The tracks were all over and there was no build up but hey I had fun. Oh and he lit a joint on stage( teaching children to do drugs,Breezy) and the crowd went crazy! LOL

He is performing in Durban tomorrow,17th December, night I’m so jealous I wish I was going to all his shows just to get that satisfaction. Cape Town will get it’s chance on the 19th December 2012.

I really wouldn’t mind him coming back with Rihanna this time lol. The concert was great nonetheless I had FUN!!!! Haters will keep talking though 3-| .

There is so many buts lol allow please!
#P.S. I aint complaining just an opinion

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Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.

One thought on “Chris Brown Concert: Feedback

  1. I completely agree with u! The show was ridiculously short & he didnt connect with us at all! I enjoyed the concert nonetheless, the guy is talented that i’ll give him! I appreciated the honest & heartfelt renditions of Dont judge me& All back.

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