There is story on rape on the news and papers on a daily basis. This has become a part of our lifestyles and it is really not acceptable. It is scary how many people get raped every minute and there is not much being done about it.
We(women and young girls) can’t walk in the streets freely nowadays without fearing to be raped. Women who report rapes are being called names and the get blamed for the rapes!

Young men need to be taught how to treat women and self-discipline. I’m tired of us ladies being blamed for getting raped. Why aren’t men told to STOP raping? Can men respect women for who they are and what they want to wear?
How am I free if I can’t wear what I want to wear because I fear to be raped? How is it my fault that I get raped because of what I’m wearing?
Our nation needs to stop ‘encouraging’ men to rape by always blaming the women. It is really disgusting that we live in such a society.

Let’s stand up against violence against women. My young boys also learn to respect their mothers,sisters , aunts and grandmothers. This is not a way to live. We need to feel safe walking in the streets.

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