Define African?!

We live in a world where certain topics have became so dangerous to be debated, whether on TV, Radio or whatever platform they are. These topics are so sensitive to a point that they get peoples blood boiling if not shed.

The big debate on SABC2 last night was asking “Is Homosexuality unafrican?”. And on the panel was an Ugandan Member of Parliament David Bahati, amongst other. We all know that in Uganda gays are being arrested for expressing their sexuality.

But what is african? Or what is un african?

We will have different opinions on that, which I believe it’s a good thing but I am pretty sure that there is nowhere ‘written’ that explains how an african should behave or what is an african except for the dictionary ofcourse. 

Issues like these became very dangerous when opinions are forced, take Religion, Sports, Politics, and Culture for example. People has strong beliefs when it comes to these and if opinions clash it becomes a huge fight. While watching, I couldn’t help notice the emotions that where flying around from different people who were representing certain organisations.

I am not for homosexuality nor against it, fact of the matter is homophobia is there and it needs to be dealt with so that the killings and the hate could end.

What’s being African got to do with homosexuality?? It is going to take forever for homophobia to end(if you think it will end), because people choose to be ignorant and intolerant on top of everything else.  

Someone on Twitter said “I would like to please not have a comment, not that I don’t have an opinion, but I’d rather keep it to myself.” Which I fully understand because certain topics are just too sensitive and not everyone including myself are that good with putting their point across, without probably being misunderstood.

“Killing people because they are gay or so called ‘corrective rape’ is inhumane and no religion can justify that” someone commented on Twitter.

Let’s love, accept and embrace each other for who we are and not force our opinions upon each other. I mean we live in a diverse and beautiful country, let’s learn to understand other peoples’ language, culture, religion so that we can know better and can embrace it. 

Native inhabitants of Africa say: “You can be an African in any colour, as long as you are black.”

Tebogo Tlhako
Twitter: @IamTeeBOGO

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