Let’s say you are skinny as F**k and some total stranger says to you “daaaaang you are skinny AF (as fuck)”, what would be your initial mindset?? I know I would immediately run off to macD and buy myself extra large of everything and eat AF to gain weight hahahahahha. (Ka dlala maan, lame I know). Instead of posting a facebook status “how you don’t care” fact of the matter is that you are as skinny as FAAk and how you respond to that that makes you a better person. How about you say “yes I am a skinny beach and I love it, if I wanted to be a FAT fart I would gain weight” ((PINCH OF SALT)) OR you could just spit in their face and run away. (straight face)

I am tall, extremely tall, super tall, tall AF hahahahaah but 8 years ago had someone said that to me I would hit depro mode and crawl in a shell somewhere and pray asking GOD, why me?? Why can’t I be short? Please make me short?  (true story) crying and complaining ** pathetic I know** BUT I have learnt to accept that BEACH I am tall and that there is nothing worst that you can say to me about me that I have never said to myself even if you try.

My maternal grandmother used to tell her friends that they should never say I am tall when speaking to me because she knew how much I hated it… but one GoGo called me and said “ngwana wa Sophia( my mother’s name) ge rebolela re re ke wena omo telele, ga re o roge neh, re a go godisha”. Those words stuck with me till today, I guess that’s why I have this enormous confidence which I don’t know where it comes from.

I would walk in a shop and some small kid would look up to me (they look up to me *smiles* I am an inspiration***get it??) and I would think ohhhhhh FaaaaaaaK here we go again, when will this end and laugh to myself, especially if they are in a group and they would whisper “look how tall he is” and I am like yaaay I am being noticed which means I am a celebrity ahahah ka gafa neh??LOL.

I guess self acceptance and knowing that I can never change myself just because someone said I look somehow will get me no where**define normal again** maybe being medium height and in good shape is not normal, who knows*. If I decrease my height (if that is possible) I might just hate being medium height or short, and if I do change my height I know that someone else where is going to say I am to DARK I need to do Mshoza things and be light skinned, again someone will fine my feet to be aaaaag you know what I am leading to and the cycle will continues to an extend that I will end up not no longer recognizing myself (something Anele Mdoda said)

That FAT kid at school who always have something in their month, has it ever occurred to you that they like to EAT I mean it is not their fault that ko geno ga gona dijo and calling them FAT wont change the hunger and poverty that is going on in the world, caring about what hideous outfit someone is wearing won’t decrease the crime rate in SA, going on about how homosexuality is WRONG won’t give the millions of graduate who are unemployed employment and definitely won’t change the current state of our messed up education system ( re a leboga mme Angie Le ntate Nzimande, power couple BIG UPS), and sitting at home mopping and criticizing celebrities whom by the end of the month will get a pay cheques, won’t change the escalating shocking rape stats, won’t  bring world peace and lastly reading this post will help improve your reading ability (at least I did something hahah)

How about we stop bring each other down and focus on more important things and again rena re le di Ndarkie we need to stop with this culture of bringing each other down, when someone does good, pat them in the back and say WELL DONE. (And mean it for craps sakes).  It’s painful to judge someone on what they can never change. How about you fix your shitty life????? *SMILES*

By: Tebogo Tlhako
Twitter handle: @_TeeBOGO
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tebogo.t.tlhako



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