“Bangerz” “Bangerz” “Bangerz” “Bangerz”…. *as I do the crazy dance*

"Hannah Montana"

“Hannah Montana”

I am back at it again, with a MUSIC REVIEW this time. Guess whose album we are reviewing this time…???? NOPE, you got it wrong folks, its Hannah Montana gone buck wiiiild. You don’t believe me?? LOOK AT THIS PICs bruuuuh!!…YAAAAAP its Miley Cyrus.


The 22 year old announced the album’s official track list on Twitter shortly after releasing “Wrecking Ball”.

Bangerz is the title of her 4th offering, to music lovers out there. The album packages 13 tracks

You may have already listened to lead tracks, “We can’t stop” and “Wrecking ball” but there is much more to Bangerz, much more than these two tunes.

Album Cover

Album Cover

Track list:

1. “Adore You”
2. “We Can’t Stop”
3. “SMS (BANGERZ)” (featuring Britney Spears)
4. “4X4″ (featuring Nelly)
5. “My Darlin’” (featuring Future/Freebandz)
6. “Wrecking Ball”
7. ❤ money party (featuring Big Sean)
8. “Get It Right”
9. “Drive”
10. “FU” (featuring French Montana)
11. “Do My Thang”
12. “Maybe You’re Right”
13. “Someone Else”

14.”Rootingfor My Baby”

15. “On My Own”

16. “Hands in the Air”

Wrecking ball

Wrecking ball

There is no doubt that Miley can sing, she holds nothing back on this offering as she mixes pop, hip-hop with R&B with a dash of ballads and club tunes. She features the likes of Future, Big Sean, Nelly and Britney Spears.

Listening to this album I have not skipped a song, as I really like what she did with this album, I mean there are songs for every mood you might find yourself in. I give it 10/10 I mean for some reason I can’t find fault with the album, as I enjoy every track (I am sounding like a groupie I know, but credit has to be given where it’s due). I am mos def hooked. I can’t even point out which song to look out for because every song is really that good.

If you have not yet listen to it as yet, I say go out there and grab it, I mean let’s forget about her retched behavior and enjoy good tunes.

Tebogo Tlhako

Twitter: @_TeeBOGO

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tebogo.t.tlhako

PS: if you have listened, do leave a comment below and tell me if I am wrong and share your favorite tunes.


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