What went wrong??

We wake up every day to shocking newspaper headlines such as “A 92 year old woman raped”… “A 9 month old baby raped”… “A learner has stabbed a fellow learner to death”… “A teacher has raped a learner”…… when will all this come to an end?? Are we ever going to wake up to good news, nothing depressing?

“The partly burnt body of an 8-year-old boy has been found in a field in an informal settlement on the East Rand, with a used condom next to the body”

What kind of future leaders are we breeding? I am even scared for my future children; I mean what kind of a world will I be bringing them into? But then again who is to blame? Government? Parents? Absent father? Teachers? Pastors? Who? Peer pressure is also a factor that we can blame maybe??

Gents, let’s protect our daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers… From these evil creatures who rape and abuse women, boys needs to be taught to respect women from an early age.

Schools are no longer safe..Learners are fighting teachers, teachers are having sex with learners and learners are killing each other…

Mob justice is also not justifiable enough because in most cases the wrong people are the ones that are burned to death and killed. WHAT WENT WRONG??

Sky news has done a survey on men asking them why they rape and reveals the disturbing attitudes some South African men hold towards rape. Below are the top 5 responses that caught my attention but you can read some of the responses here Sky News survey

#5- Aged 21

My classmate, a girl who lives near our shack, came over to study with me some maths, during the study time we locked ourselves in the room so I used the opportunity to rape her. He went to be remorseful by saying that he regrets what he did and said “people who rape must stop; it’s a wrong thing to do. It has serious consequences and can put (you) behind bars for life”. After he was done right?? Talk about a coward.

#4- Respondent is aged 27 and Married nogal

We went to a big party in Rustenburg and there was this woman whom I admired. I proposed to give her a lift after a party. We left together after the party and both of us had taken some beers but I made sure that I didn’t drink too much. In the car after driving 5km I wanted to kiss her and she kissed too but refused to sleep with me. However, I used my power to overcome … her.

Q: Did she report you to the police?
A: No. I phoned her while at work and promised to give her some money, which I did – R1000 to close her mouth.

#3-Respondent number five – aged 28

Q: Have you ever had sex with a woman who didn’t want to?
A: No

Q: Why not?
A: It’s not the right thing to do.

Q: What do you think about those who do so?
A: They are not man enough; a real man doesn’t force a woman in bed for it is a crime to do so.

Q: Do you know someone who might have done this?
A: Yes! But I have no respect for people who do such things.

#2-Respondent number eight – aged 39

My ex-girlfriend’s sister lived with us in the same shack and when (I was) off her sister would be at work, so we watched TV together. I asked and promised to buy her expensive shoes if she slept with me. She refused and I forced myself on her and told her that if she talked about it I would chase both her (and) her sister, so she kept quiet.

Q: How do you feel whenever you see her after you did this?
A: I feel nothing bad about it.

Q: Why not?
A: I supported her at my place and I deserved to ask for a favour too.

Q: Do you call it rape?
A: No.

Like WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#1- Last but not least this man, who has raped five times, believes women want to get raped.

Fridays we went out to chill and drink some beers … after hours me and my friend we saw a young good-looking woman who was drunk on the street, we took her to our place and (raped) her in our shack for an hour. This became a habit and every Friday we made sure that we hung on at the tavern to pick up girls who were drinking after hours.

Q: How many times have you raped a woman?
A: Five times.

Q: Have you ever been arrested for any rape?
A: Once.

Q: Did you serve time for it?
A: Yes.

Q: How long?
A: Six years.

Q: Do you think it’s the right thing to do?
A: Why do women go to taverns in mini-skirts?

Q: What do you think they want?
A: To be raped.


#1- The responded is 38 years of age… this one is CLASSIC!!!!

I always wanted the woman but because I am ugly and I knew that if I tried to proposition her she would refuse… unless I have a lot of money to buy her. I knew where she lived and traced her movements and how many people she lived within her shack, but I found out that her boyfriend only came back at month ends. I went to her place Friday night and it was raining so it helped me attack her well as no one else could hear me. I used a bolt cutter to gain entry, wielding a butcher knife. I told her not to scream until I leave her place.

Q: Did she open a (police) case?
A: I don’t know because I never got arrested for the rape.

I have never for the life of me gasped so much while reading something, it left me stunned and in disbelief.

Tebogo Tlhako

Twitter: @_TeeBOGO

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tebogo.t.tlhako


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