And then they were #3

Bunny: Voted out...

Bunny: Voted out…

Brenden: Top 3

Brenden: Top 3

Bosslady's number 1 : Sonke

Bosslady’s number 1 : Sonke

Ohkay I told myself that I won’t pen anything down related to Idols SA, but rather write something nyana about the winner if my “boss”, Precious doesn’t beat me to it … well technically she is the makhulu bass because she owns the blog… But I could not for the life of me sit back with my 1cent worth of opinion now, could I?? No sir, soooo I decided that hey lemme just have a voice, it’s my right akere.

Knowing that my makhulu bass is for #TeamSonke I will try not to say anything bad about him LOL …she might fire me and we can’t afford that akere, I mean a Nigga gusta eat, YES I do get paid to do this… Anyway back to business I was deeply shocked, and still am, that Bunny was booted out of the running over a week ago and the judges didn’t save her. Well Gareth and his panel made a valid point about not using their save for this Season something along the lines of “We are not using our save this season blah bladie blah everyone on that stage is worth to be the winner blah” but daaaaaaaaaaaaaang duuuuuude, WTF????????????

I think and I think that she (Bunny) would have been the best idol we have yet to come across, I mean she has stage presence, her voice bruuuuuu the things she did with is was totally unimaginable, she always had the right song choices, which went hand in hand with her personality and stage presence. I totally laaauved her which I still do and it’s just unfortunate that #TeamBunny was outnumbered, she was/is my idol..

Enough about Bunny now she is out, hopefully making an album sooooon .. Sony BMG?? Kalawa jazmee?? TS records?? Universal Music?? Dj Tira and the likes??? Anyone?? Somebody?? Hello?? Ohwell

The top3 is now a race between the guys… who runs this issssh??… after my dearest Zoe was voted out which was not a shock… idols followers will know why… daaaang I think she had been in this game for too long.

When we vote do we vote for the person we like or the person who is genuinely good?? I think and I think again that if it was up to the judges the person who had a terrible night/song choice or didn’t perform would be the one leaving the pack BUT with voters that aint the case…Mara why??

Anyway in an ideal world Musa would win SA Idols season9 but haaai haai Benten owe wa lena ona le di support tse baie especially after every John Legend number kudu kudu the fairer sex. As for Sonke haai buti coming next week Tuesday you will be packing aseng gampe akere… Good Lux to the three of yall..

***I wonder if they are going to buy yall CDs?? Where is Khaya Mthethwa? Elvis Blue? Aw shwaam atleast Lloyd is doing something… does Khaya have an album??***

Makhosonke- 06
Brenden – 01
Musa- 09

Sms their numbers to

Tebogo Tlhako

Twitter: @_TeeBOGO


Musa: Top 3

Musa: Top 3


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