Let’s learn to accept. …

Life as it happens throws curve balls at us, some all the time, some most of the time and some sometimes. We wake up every day hoping for a better day, with no quills and heartaches of this cruel world.


For the past 4 months my life took a turn for the WORST… but maybe worst is a strong word…. my life took an UNEXPECTED TURN. I lost my job, I saw my cousin hanging from the roof top*something I thought only happens in movies, I buried my cousin… which I think it had to be hardest thing I am yet to come across considering I was the last person in the family to see him alive, I wanted to dump my partner whom I had recently met… I was confused, in a terrible state of mind, I was exhausted actually… Emotionally, mentally, physically, psychologically, spiritually and in that space I didn’t even take my own advice. I drank alcohol *something I really really hate mind you, unless I want to be shit arse craze then I love it* the nay sayers can have their say IDC… I smoked weed, which felt good to be quite honest after I stopped smoking in matric… yeah yeah yeah I am not perfect… I almost, uuurm I shall not say that. 


We need to learn that everything happens for a reason and whether good or bad it happens and we should learn to accept things as they happen.


I had to introduce the phrase “hearts don’t heal but the pain become bearable in time” #HeartsWillHeal #AllInGodsHands


I had to learn to let my cousin go… Actually I didn’t cry at his funeral *macho much* Ke sure gore he was going to say “haai braa you crying?? that’s swak”… I cried a week later after the burial… I cried for him, I cried for my late uncle whom I get my English name from… He passed away in 2007… I cried for my sick grand ma, I cried for my aunt, I cried for my cousins for my uncle and everyone affected/effected.


Everything happens for a reason whether bad or good, it happens either to break us or to make us… I don’t usually like to talk about God in my posts *reasons known by me only* but all is in God’s plan, he knows what we go through daily and it’s all part of his plans for us. We might not agree with his plans because we think we know what we “need” but in actual fact he knows more than we… so let’s allow his will to be done. I am not Oprah or Dr Phil or a Psychologist of some sort, I just write on the “experience” as I see them and our experience are different.


To everyone that has lost a loved one I know that nothing I write or say will bring back your lost loved ones but hey I am also learning to heal in this regard and know that whatever it is you are going through other people might be going through it or even worst, I know gore ase matshidiso but hey. Cry all you want, even if it happened 10 year ago nobody is going to blame you because we all deal with pain in different ways. So pull out that box of tissues and chuck away *smiles*

Tebogo Tlhako


Facebook: tebogo watlhako


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