In the Nik of N’veigh


No better time than 07:30, N’veigh gets candid about his debut album writes Gontse Sello


I recently had a sit down with N’veigh and broke the “golden rules” on how to conduct a good interview, the kind that lends both journalists and readers a good read article and possibly a nomination in the journalism awards. It is vital to have a clear vision and most importantly to know your subject, I didn’t know my subject and I didn’t have airtime to look him up on the internet, basically I was screwed and living every inexperienced journalist’s worst nightmare.
He had taken time off his busy schedule to talk about his debut album “7:30”. Upon my arrival to his lovely home, I decided to be honest and the words “I do not know who you are” came out of my mouth, to my surprise, he didn’t throw the “do you know…

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