MY week in just a few…….


It’s a Friday afternoon and I just knocked off from work. I’m now reflecting back on how my week was and I must say IT WAS A HELL OF AN INTERESTING WEEK.

This week taught me that patience and faith in the Most High really helps. It’s true that God’s timing is the perfect timing. I’ve been working on a few projects for some some months now and they just seemed like a flop to me. Some of them I have forgotten and some were just depressing me when I thought of them. Now all of a sudden I get emails and calls with offers and potential partnerships for those projects all in the same week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried to keep calm but it’s just coming to me and I realise how BLESSED I am. I just feel like standing on a mountain and scream nje.

Well all in all I realised that Joshua 1:9 has been talking to me all along and I haven’t been listening.

I trust you all had a fantastic week and remember if things aren’t work out, there is something better coming your way.

Keep the faith and keep working hard at what you want to achieve.



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