2014 going………….going……

What a year this has been.  A year of joy, tears and all the other mushy emotions.
I grew stronger this year, went through so many things that taught me to believe in myself and follow my burning desires within.

A year where I realised that it’s ok to let go of straining friendships.  When you just don’t feel appreciated, it’s really fine to walk and never look back. I got to realise that relationships that take away your happiness are not worth it. I put my happiness above all things and will strive to keep it.

I was gifted with a precious little girl, Lesego, and my year was just made from that day. I smile daily because of her. I’m grateful for her as a blessing to me.

My faith grew so much stronger. I’m am such a believer of happy endings. My God has seen me through so many things and I came out stronger and much more happier. 

I hope for a better 2015 filled with success,growth, peace, humanity and LIFE……


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