Who I have become [Self-love]

It has been such a struggle for me to define “self-love”. Being loved by other people was the only appreciation I knew. It was so exhausting because I felt I had to do things according to the “world” and always be on the right side of everyone.

I sing and dance to a new tune now and that is the “MY WAY” tune. I do what makes me happy without judging myself or even worrying about being judged. It took me long but in the end I realised, well it is true, I cant please everyone and I cant be everyone’s favourite person. I appreciate myself and love myself as I am.

I am worthy of the best and I don’t ever want to sell myself short of anything less than that. Yes, I am still working on myself, my dreams and my goals but I really feel I am on the right path. I will keep on working on becoming a better ME.

I have become my own cheerleader and I will never pull myself down.

This is me and I am sticking to it!!!!!!


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